PC 15
– FIT FOR FUN test winner
The multiple prize-winning PC 15 also stood out for the FIT FOR FUN editorial team.
100% ECG-exact pulse measurement
Freiburg University examined SIGMA Heart Rate Monitors more closely
It’s that easy!
Just a few settings in the input menu and training can start ...
Enabling best exercise solutions.
The PC 15 is like its users: sporty, ambitious, committed. Anyone with a passion for sport and fitness will soon find a place for it in their heart. It is an individual trainer that allows you to control, plan, and evaluate your exercise sessions with total precision – complete with Training Manager and Lap Counter.
Large view
Product demo
PC 15 Features
Training manager for optimum exercise evaluation and monitoring
Time menu with 7 functions
Pulse menu with 6 functions
Automatic exercise zone feature to calculate individual ideal limits
Zone indicator
3 zone alarm
Easy-to-use menu
My name function
5 languages
Lap counter (50 laps)
Battery compartment
Product Icons

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